Temple of Truth

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I recently was guided by a conversation with a dear friend to a vision of what I call the Temple of Truth. We were discussing the shifts we feel in our throat chakra when we begin speaking through voice or self expression what is more true to the core of our being. I often suddenly experience a closing up feeling and a cough in the middle of a wonderful conversation. I relate this to old messaging in the body from past wounding in this life time or another. Here we are now in a life time that is calling us to our authentic truth. We are called to the vibrant nature or our own Soul’s Light.

While pondering this experience I received some guidance for my friend. Some of which I will share for it is a universal message of promise. This is a meditative and visionary process. It is a shamanic journey that you can craft for creating your own Temple of Truth.

Create in your inner vision and throat chakra a temple filled with the blue light of truth. Imagine the feeling of truth as it vibrates to your soul’s essence. Hear the sound of truth as it fills your heart. See the shape of truth within the expression of your life. Call the joy of truth to be with you in each moment. And, know the truth that is Love beyond all reasoning.

Sit yourself within this vibration as you would immerse yourself in a bath of Holy/Wholly water. Feel what the “impurities” of disharmony look like as they dissolve within the pure blue light of truth. All dissolves easily and is carried away with grace and ease back to the light of creation.

This chamber of light is offered to you as a place to rest, rejuvenate, realign and be at ease. All harmonies of your Soul are at ease here – the place within your energy field where you live from your truth – your authentic self – your Soul expressing within the experience of this life time.

Within this space you can bring any question, concern, idea, fear, situation, joy and even love. Offer ideas to this space that resonates with the truth of your Soul. Those offerings that are ready to clear or transmute will be supported in this process. Those offers that align with your Soul and purpose will be enhanced, refined and supported in their Becoming.

Always remember this is a space you have created that is a holy sanctuary. It is a place of offering, In this you offer, experience and let go. In letting go your spirit will craft the journey ahead full of promise.

Many thanks to my dear friend for her journey of the spirit and the inspiration her story brought to me. Thanks to Spirit for sharing such a wonderful meditation of Light.


A Time of Light

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In these amazing times we tend to often focus on the challenges or the feeling that there is so much more that we want to do. I am finding that sitting with and calling upon the universal light brings me into the peace of the moment, of the times we are living in and most importantly into the peace of my Self. I was reminded recently from spiritual guidance and from the loving sharing of friends that the more I can say yes to each moment and remember to fill myself with light then beauty emerges within each experience and/or challenge.

Take a moment when you can to imagine the light pouring into you – through your crown is great and through your heart is wonderful! Allow the light to fill you with a sense of ease and grace – a gentle warmth and expansion of love – allowing each breath to fill you. As you breath out imagine all that constricts is falling away – flowing with the light back to creation. Fill with light, imagine the warmth, hear the sound and know that in each moment you are connected to All that Is.

These moments are eternal. These moments align us with our soul’s Path. These moments bring light into the world. Ask that this blessing of peace be carried forward into the flow of your life. Ask that this blessing of peace be shared with all Beings and our beautiful planet Earth. Ask to be filled moment to moment with this blessing of peace and imagine how you now shine like a star!

Being Lemurian

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In a recent conversation I asked the Lemurians what it is to be Lemurian. The energy and light and living wisdom of Lemuria again feels strong within me and I know that this is also so for many of us. As more Lemurian crystals come into my life, their messages and the heart and soul of Lemurian is asking to be shared with others.This then is what was shared with me to share with you.

“Being Lemurian – this is the heart of the matter for us – for to be Lemurian is both more than being of our lineage and more as a way of living and experiencing your world and the relationship with all life in the universe. Yet this experience starts at home so to speak – it starts with the self and your loving relationship with you – your Self! This then becomes the model for your relationship with others in your life – family, friends. Then with others around you – those you meet through life and work and experience.

This extends to all life upon your planet. Then to life with other Beings, realms, dimensions, life that comes for the stars and other life times. For the circle then completes itself back to you for you are all these relationships and more. Truly to love oneself allows the opening to both your total grace and experience as a soul and by this willingness to love and bless and incorporate all aspects of the Self, one is able to engage many lives, beings and perspectives. One who accepts God within the self can appreciate and accept God expressing through all of life.

We of Lemuria continue to work with this way of Being from the past through the present and from the future through the present and from the present throughout all. Our willingness to open our hearts as soul windows to the mystery of the unknown allows us to experience the dance of life and creation throughout the universe.

We encourage exploration. We are bearers of witness that “go between” and open the doors and pathways to the meeting of the “other”. We delight in such discovery and in such sharing for we “see” that all is a divine expression of the Creator. We open our hearts to you to share this field of living light from which all peace flows.”

Last evening at…

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Last evening at Llynya’s we had a gathering of Dragon Kindred! From all areas and ages we are being called to remember our multi-dimensional heritage – to remember that our Soul has many experiences and life times and lineages! Now is the time to open to those that call us for many of our gifts and special perspectives are nourished by this insight – by the magic of our expanded Being.

This is the message from the Dragons that was shared with me prior to the evening – it is a good reminder for all about following the path of the heart! May you find the magical openings for your soul’s path this year!


We welcome you all who are here tonight to gather in the name of the Dragon. We are gladdened to see that you have come with open hearts and questions to continue the journey of awakening to yourselves as a part of the Dragon Kin.

Each of you has a relationship and an area of special service with us that follow the path of your soul’s gifts. Some will write and speak of us in new ways. Some will gently experience their dragon selves as a part of becoming who you are in the greater human world. Some will dive deeply into the magic at the heart of your soul. Imagine what is possible as you gather your own spirit to you!

There are many possibilities and many ways to connect. Let your own desires and interests lead you forward. Do not fear to speak of us and share this experience of us to others for our magic and our energy will guide and protect you.

Allow yourself the gift of knowing the truth of your experience for that is at the HEART of the matter. From your heart and your truth passion takes wing. Allow new truths and experiences to emerge. This will encourage you and others to open to possibilities that fly farther than your self-imposed limits. For you as humans can bring all of us – all the realms together.

And again, remain always at the core of your personal experience. This will become your seed of power from a heart that is open. Come fly with us and breathe so deeply of the worlds that mingle with your own for we long to be a part of your lives in companionship once again!

Dragon Flight

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As you know this is a year of the Dragon. Some have already commented about the energy of our ability to fly high.This is a good image to hold as you enter 2012 and experience the energy of the dragon for yourselves. We do indeed fly high and encourage you to envision this possibility as you encounter all your life experiences and the churning energies of 2012.

Take a moment whenever you can and “fly high” in your imagination. How would another perspective or several assist your choices? How creative could you be with several options? What would another path look like instead of the well worn one?

Your challenge and your gift this year as humans in the midst of transformation is to imagine outside the circle – to color outside the lines. Each of you has well worn paths. Your societies and cultures have well worn paths. New patterns emerge not from reaction or conflict as these are also well worn paths. New choices emerge from new thoughts, collaborative thinking and from deep introspection that leads you to the core of your soul’s voice. That is where truth and vision begin. That is where true compassion lives. That is where true connection and community live.

What will your true voice share with you? When you hear the call, how high and far do you feel you will fly?

We as Dragons open to the infinite every day and every moment. We remember our lifetimes, our choices, our passions and our daily experiences. We honor deeply our paths, passions and gifts. We live our commitments and our relationships. Many of us stand now with humanity as you open your hearts and souls to the infinite – as you open deeply to your relationships with your SELF and lineages, with other humans, with all life forms on your planet and with the other realms that surround and interact with you at all times.

Open your perspective. Open your vision. Open your challenges to input from us and others who are willing to help. Ask and perceive how illumined your answers and insights will be.

Fly high! You do not need to lift off the ground to fly high. You need to let go. Please do not fall into the mire of “making things right”. Allow your energy and desire to lead you to new discoveries, to new visions, to new thoughts, to new ideas and ultimately to life that flows from the heart first.

Remember we Dragons are real beings. We are neighbors in this vast universe of creation. Our magic comes from our remembering. It comes from our valuing of who we are. Magic flows from the heart and the willingness to see all of creation. From this vantage we see and follow the energy around us. We are aware of our connections. We let our passions carry us into the wind.

Make this magic your own and join the joy and love of the creative flow of the universe! Cherish your beauty and your gifts. Let 2012 be the year your life expanded to lead you forward into the majesty and mystery of your soul. Allow yourself to fly high. Let the wings of Dragons carry you far. Immerse yourselves in magic!

Spiral Meditation for 2012

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There is so much discussion and wondering about the meaning of 2012. Our planet has been focused on this time of turning for many long years. Our ancestors anticipated this time. Our focus recently has brought to the surface many fears and just as many hopes for the future. As we anticipate the light of new consciousness/awareness we also find ourselves in the midst of chaos, changing systems and beliefs, a sense of being out of control and a wondering about what it is all about.         

I believe we are in a process with the year 2012 being part of a larger container for our evolutionary growth. On the level of the individual we have the opportunity to continue to learn our own imposed limits and fears and to consciously engage the energies that will support our personal growth and awareness. Each time we open to the expanded knowing of who we are and integrate that we let go of old patterns. We then share this energy of awareness with all around us like pouring more lighted stardust into a great container of Light!

When I asked to be shown an image to share with others about 2012, I was shown spirals of many sizes and colors. They flow and spiral throughout creation and within each one of us. They exist within our cells and dance around us all the time. I feel their energy as dynamic and pulsing with potential, joy and love. This is the energy that I will choose to focus on for 2012. Here is what I heard as I listened to and witnessed this image of spirals.

“Spiraling inward, spiraling outward – where are you on the great spiral of life? Moving into 2012 we experience one of the great spirals of time – the point of shift from one spiral to another. And among the great spirals of time we experience our own flow in and out.

How will you inform your own spirals? What is the bloom within you this year that reaches for the light of birth and completion? Imagine one wish, one idea, and one feeling and give it a name. Encourage it with your love, imagination and desire. Offer it to the New Year and the energies of renewal and regeneration that the great spiraling outward of 2012 brings to us!

Gather to you the great wishes and hopes of this time – both those of your personal spiral and those of all of humanity. Hear the voices asking for peace and joy and love. Feel the love that is boundless and endless within all of creation. Experience how you are connected by love to those around you – family, friends, those you meet during the day and to those whose faces you see from around the world that you may never meet in person.

Each heart hears the call to be loved, to create and to experience beauty, to enjoy life and laughter and all the wonder of sunlight, new growth, birth and gentle breezes. As you hear and see this great flow within humanity and within you take a moment to breathe it all in, mix it with your loving desires, call upon the great host of angels and loving light of the Creator, call upon your personal guides and call upon the loving life of our Earth.

 When you feel these connections are complete, create a golden rope of light that you can then spin outward. Allow this light thread to mingle with the great spirals already in motion. Imagine your spiral following the path that is of greatest alignment for your vision. Then, let it go and trust that you are always connected to your spiral and the great spiral forging the energies of 2012 and beyond.

Let yourself rest in this feeling of following your heart and trusting that life will bring to you experiences, people and inspirations that will delight and surprise you! Engage the energies of change and transformation that are both within and without us. Let fears transmute old patterns and let love inform your greatest Light!”

Solstice Musings 2011

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Solstice – take a moment to feel the point at which the Sun pivots – or is it the Earth? – Or is it You? – Or All and More in the great dance and movement of life, light and the energy of the dark seed!

Longest night, shortest day – swirling again and spiraling outward carrying the seeds of your intention. Where do the threads of your Light – your creations carry you? What shape will your breath take as you feel your innermost desire, give it tone with a thought, feel it wriggle and form within your heart?

Imagine a star being born within the darkest night – what star wants to be born within you? On the day of Winter Solstice 2011 we embrace the turn of the light toward a new year, toward the year of 2012. We do so in the depth of winter just begun. Winter, where the wishes become seeds, become form and potential awaiting the light of the sun’s warmth and light of our joy.

Nurture your thoughts and hearts desires and then let them go – shaped in darkness and fire, shaped in the energies of a new year, shaped in the energies of the sleeping earth, shaped within the seeds and quiet and peace and shaped within all the hopeful energy of Yule and the celebration of the birth of Light at Christmas time!

Allow yourself a moment to be quiet and imagine your life flowing outward, being blessed by joy and creation unfolding all around and within you! Rejoice in the knowing that your wishes are heard and let your heart and soul smile with quiet expectation!